About Mitch

Best defined as a person who likes to help people, Mitch Keeler has been doing so on the Web since 2003.  Through his articles, podcasts and professional work, Mitch has gained the respect and admiration of the Internet for what he does best, helping to explain how things work to the masses at large.

Having served most of his career inside of the web hosting industry, Mitch has worked in nearly every aspect of the business. From customer relations, technical support and affiliate communications he know what it takes to help a web host become successful and will do everything in his power to help them be the best that they can be. On the social networking side of the Web, Mitch has 571 followers on Facebook and 980 followers via Twitter as of December 2014.

Mitch’s impressive list of side projects have also gained him both praise and a reputation for being a helpful member of many different online communities. Check out the Projects page for more information on Mitch’s side projects, including Firefox Facts, Web Hosting Show and Mitchelaneous.

Current Jobs

GreenGeeks.com Developer Relations
August 2015 – Present

Go check out past positions Mitch has held at other companies on the past jobs web page.